Dark, unfathomable, sometimes murky,
full of mystery.. So vast it is..!
Sometimes I try to encrypt, what secrets it has kept with itself. Those constellations appear as if they hide something deep down, as if they’re longing to talk to me, tired of the soliloquy, now they need someone, someone who listens to their silent alludes.
I don’t know what is this nexus that’s holding me still..
glaring at it’s beauty, the unfathomable darkness which engulfs everything…
Its mystery overpowers me, it feels as if I’ve landed into a parallel universe ! I play the role of a visitor, eavesdropping on every piece of conversation that’s going on, trying to decipher what they’re saying amongst themselves. “THEY”, the stars, the crescent, the planets revolving around the sun like homo sapiens performing their rout, they too appear to follow a modus operandi , but unlike the latter, they’re not whimsical, they don’t alter their plans, rather conform to the set rules, what we say “rules of nature”.
Life here, in this mirror world, is analogous from that which we observe or interpret on the other side.
The charisma that it has, forces me to keep delving deep inside thoughts. That’s its juggernaut, to capture minds, make one go deeper, akin to a diver diving to the deepest of oceans, without a buoy, unconcerned about directions, away from all the miseries, one reaches an oblivion state, feeling the ecstasy.
Something powerful stays there, not sure of what it is & how it is,just enough to be certain that some magic it has that captivates you & you can’t resist thinking about it ,appreciating its beauty.
The silence that engulfs you is trying to say millions of things to you, you just need to listen carefully. The magic it carries hovers over your senses, transgresses to your veins and is reflected in millions of scenarios you start imagining, be it of life, love, lessons, failures, successes so on and so forth.
This is the time when one introspects…
This is the time when we can indulge in a dialogue with our conscience and think of all the decisions we’ve made so far and their consequences on our lives…
A look at the sky may make one reminisce the time one spent with the loved ones or on the other side it may bring flashbacks of the people who’re no longer in touch with us.
You may mull about some paths that you took which completely transformed your life.
Let the mind wander, explore your options, just let your cognitive abilities untangle the intricacies of life..!
Even if you’ve got nothing in your head, just stare it & let random thoughts flow in your mind..
The transitory nature of life, evidently reflected by the millions of stars it has, the people who’ve lived their journey on Earth, now they’ve gone to where they belong. Look at them, I mean the stars, the brightness they emit, the beauty they add to the sky, the magical twinkling accompanied by the magical movements,(as referred to the shooting stars), we have an affinity towards them. One may attribute it to the belief that they are our kith & kin who’ve played their roles in the play called LIFE. They don’t talk to us no more, but we can hear their silence, we can see & feel life among them, we make wishes when we see them coming closer to us. Such ecstacy it has I must say. Always makes me wonder what life really is. Are we living a life or is it all just a dream? What if you woke up some day (on the other side of the universe) & realise that all the life you’ve lived so far was just a dream? Think of it this way. You were a star, glaring up there (forget the laws of science) and you came here to experience life (a “different” life I should say) and after experiencing it all, you again went up there. What if we all are living a dream & calling it a life?
Maybe I’m placing the cart before the horse, but for the moment let’s leave our souls & look at the unfathomable sky up there,let’s try to decode it’s darkest secrets that it is trying to share with us, imagine that it sees you as a confidant. What pleasure it would be to not just listen to what it offers, but also to understand & feel the vibes that it showers, which are akin to the potent elixir that rejuvenates the mind & soul. Allow the portion to dissimilate. Because then only you’ll be able to feel the bliss.
And soon you’ll realise the dawn sets over the scene, congrats it’s 4:00 A.M., wonder when time flies? When you’re living the moment. (Anyway, what else would you expect for it to take to travel to a whole different world & be back..! This has to take some time, the time worth spending, I must say )
This is what i love about it. It just moves you away from all your tensions, in a completely different phase, where you just feel the powers unite within you as if the sky has showered its blessings in the disguise of vigour as an accolade for your visit to its world.
Hey by the way, don’t forget to revisit the “The sky” the next evening.
There’s so much we can learn from it. 🙂



Their torso pressed against your back
their rectum touching your butt,

or an inappropriate touch
swirling over your back,

or maybe their hands on your front, when the metro doors are wide open,
with an excuse of the people present in tons…!
the smile on their face is multi faceted
we all can connect, we all faced it..!

or rather we hear the slanderous remarks
tearing us apart, like on canvas falls dart
one thing is for sure (sigh)
no one stays behind,
an uncle, adult or a child!
and no no, don’t you be misguided
if you feel that you’re safe in places that are not crowded,
coz they will always find their way
to intrude your personal space, come what may!

And mind you wear red – the opposite of hate,
coz it’s seen as an invitation, they might ask your rate..!

And don’t you wear long dress thinking it’s safe,
They may still discomfort you by using another weapon – “a long gaze”

Going out on scooty rides with a desire to feel the bliss,
who wants to encounter acts like this?
so we try to often ignore it all,
hoping it gets better, as after dusk comes dawn..
but my dear, if you think the game ends here, you’re sadly mistaken
their bikes, the sudden cuts leave us shaken
For they don’t care ’bout anyone’s lives
I wonder how they raise children, I pity their wives…!

We yell so much, but all goes unheard
Their silly little minds are filled with dirt
Their mind, their thoughts, all so absurd
Will they ever know, how much we’re hurt?

A fun (for them) may be momentum
The thoughts that haunt us are the ones of their rectum
Don’t know by doing this what they gain! How it gives them amuse,
This sadist pleasure is totally abstruse…!

Fear the god, don’t be so cunt
He’s watching you all, your every stunt
A wish I wish to god, hoping he’ll grant
The girl whose back you commented on, to be revealed your nephew or your aunt..
Then the time, may finally come
when riding the bikes, you comment on none..!
This wish, that I wish has a reason to be
Maybe this will bring a shame to them, maybe then we could go out happily….!

Women are objects, those who stress upon
Fear her chap, she’s Amazon…!
Why gaze her long, with mouth agape?
This life’s not a plot of 13 Reasons Why, & she ain’t got a storyline to show via tape.!

Enough we faced,
the amount of hardships we endure can’t be traced..
Every day we hear a woman being raped,
They see a caged bird in us, that’s trying hard to escape..
What they fail to see is the spirit of a phoenix,
that will rise again from the ashes
It’s high time we showed them that we’re not sex toys,
They might’ve ignored our cries, but they can’t suppress our VOICE.

Show them your strength,
There’s no one who can dim your shine,
You gotta be so strong that you don’t have to fear to go out after nine!

“Get up and change your life,
no one is going to change it by making you a wife! ”

(End the Notion Of Underestimating A Girl )

T. I. R. E. D

To some, it may be a fresh start, a new beginning, but if you ask me, it is the thought of another tiring day, that keeps me from waking…
Right from the start, the clock starts ticking,
this feeling that I get is very sickening,
The rote has become so mundane
I guess my life’s become insane..!

Sometimes I feel that I’m the only one
not living a life winsome,
but then it strucks on me hard
to see others on the same card..
Like a bird trapped in a cage
Our sufferings can be sensed from our visage..!
Alongside the metro path I trudge
praying almighty to give me guts,
saturation reached, endured much
just give me a sign, gesture or touch..

A question comes in my mind everyday
Is this the life for which you did pray?
None of these moments I want them to stay,
Just wish for this time to pass away..
This tension in my head
Maybe this is not the right path for me
Maybe what plans I had, life didn’t agree
How I wish, I wish I were free,
Free from it all, every onus
Free to live my life, like the freelancer does…!

I wonder how much they live their life,
who don’t score “good” grades,
who don’t give a damn to what others praise,
who live a life so great,
enjoy every ounce of it, not bothered about achieving appraise…
They, who don’t crave for heaven,
whose backs, with luggage, are not laden…!

Faking a smile
all this while,
suppressed by the burden
burden of my own decisions,
now I get it
someone said it right.. one decision can completely change your life…!

They say “Dream big”, but why don’t they tell?
With dreams comes fright
which robs you to the extent
making you a sociopath,
devoid of feelings, surrounded only by subjects like math…

Felt so much, now I feel so numb
so much is left unsaid, so much we hide,
Looking at “them” makes me wonder what it calls for, to be happy? Is it money? or is it fame?
coz all this while, I’ve been seeing even the successful one’s commit suicide.

I’ve become so numb, so numb
These situations in life have made me succumb,
Can’t face it all..!
fearing a fall,
I continue to walk!
heading towards a goal,
which does not incite me,
Again & again this question I ask,
where is the fire that used to ignite me 😥
Why I feel chained?
this state I’m in, can’t be explained… 😥
Where are those days, I’m hopelessly searching
when I used to be urchin..

Sometimes I ask myself- Why?
Why have I become so wry..!

Why can’t life be simple? Why can’t it be like the one we imagine in our dreams? Why can’t we live in the moment instead of living for the moment?
Why can I never go back to bed? Who’s is the voice ringing in my head? Where is the sense in these desperate dreams? Why should I wake when I’m half past dead?

Venting my feelings
with others, I discussed
A reply came – What’s the logic when you’ve paid so much, of going back, leaving it all,
back at the start, after the fall?
So I’m looking for a reason, a logic (if any)
to listen to my heart, & make a new start!