College diaries!

3 years of your under graduation completely shapes your personality. A bad experience can change you from being an extrovert to an anti-social being. It can spoil your future endeavours and the liveliness with which you used to view your life during your school days! Going to a place regularly which doesn’t build your morale, […]

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The tough choices

Look there, what a lovely path caught my brain listening to the heart “Let’s go unravel the mystery”, it says to me one might make a lot, in addition to spree. Ready to go, I thought of leaving the “row” as the hare teaches us, “if you want to get something, you must step out […]

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Be your love

Just in the middle of a rough going life.. breaking the shackles of the walls I circumscribed you paved your way to my heart oh what a lovely feeling I experienced at the start…. On the girl who was broken by few you had showered affection like in dawn falls dew, what awaits next I […]

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Dark, unfathomable, sometimes murky, full of mystery.. So vast it is..! Sometimes I try to encrypt, what secrets it has kept with itself. Those constellations appear as if they hide something deep down, as if they’re longing to talk to me, tired of the soliloquy, now they need someone, someone who listens to their silent […]

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Their torso pressed against your back their rectum touching your butt, or an inappropriate touch swirling over your back, or maybe their hands on your front, when the metro doors are wide open, with an excuse of the people present in tons…! the smile on their face is multi faceted we all can connect, we […]

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T. I. R. E. D

To some, it may be a fresh start, a new beginning, but if you ask me, it is the thought of another tiring day, that keeps me from waking… Right from the start, the clock starts ticking, this feeling that I get is very sickening, The rote has become so mundane I guess my life’s […]

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